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Hold Me... ♥

2 January 1992
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xxx ___ whoa, intro!
y helo thar. ♥

Welcome to mah humble home. ;o Mah name's Heather... also known as Kadoo, Baggs, Kimi, Kimikou, Kimicub, Kimisu, but NOT Heasie Weasie.

Enjoy the brightly colored layout and the sextastic... info? :] YAaaaaewatwa.
xxx ___ knick knacks
Just some random things about myself that you probably don't care about. :D
I have a huuuge fear of the dark. Seriously, man. And robotic voices... and ticks... and clowns... and drunk people...
Yo hablo un poco español, pero quiero aprender mas porque quiero poder hablar con mi amiga Mexicana, Isa. xD
I loooove Peter Pan. And Alice in Wonderland. Both are insanely imaginative stories about make-believe places... I totally want to go there. ): ♥
I like to bitchslap people. :D
I'm a really fast learner... for example, I got up to standard songs on DDR within a week.
I like to call myself fat. Mainly because I'm looking for attention. Just... like... slap me virtually or something. k.
I randomly blush. A lot. Even when I'm not embarassed. XD Wtf?
Um, yeah, I DON'T care what people have to say about me, unless they're somebody I actually give a damn about. I'd be willing to change for those people. Otherwise, go fuck yourself. :D
I'm a huge influence on my sister. XD
I ♥ any kind of music what-so-ever. I'm not really into rap, but if it's catchy, I'll probably like it a bit.
If I sneeze and there's no one around, I'll bless myself. XD
I run down the stairs like a stereotypical anime girl.
Trying to learn two languages, Japanese and Spanish, isn't easy. ):
I have SO many friends I've met online, and despite what those over-protective Martha Stewart complex'd people say, I trust them with my LIFE.
I couldn't steal anything if I tried. Seriously. XD
My obsessions, in order, have been: Sailor Moon, Spongebob, Fairly Odd Parents, Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts, Card Captor Sakura, and now .hack//Legend of the Twilight (SHUGO ♥) and Kingdom Hearts is coming back. SORA IS MEIN. D:

xxx ___ links && stuff
souzougrafix << Graphics journal.

baggsofdoom << Old journal if you wanna see how retarded I was a couple years ago. XD

Um, other shit will be included eventually. o_O Ask if you wanna link here or something.
xxx ___ rules for hangin' hurr
UNO: If yer gonna friend me, DON'T spam my page with community ads and shit. PLEASE GOD NO.
NI: I just ask that you treat me with respect. That's it. Not to hard, ne? Oh, and treat everyone else at my page with respect, even if you hate their guts.
TROIS: No yoinking my stuff without permission. I seriously work on my art/graphics... the least you could do is give me some credit, k?
FOUR: Um. No number four. XD
xxx ___ creditationsss
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Kasumi (c) Myself. I luff her.
Go ahead and uh, take the background. I couldn't give a damn... it took me like. A minute.
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